Take A Bow and Arrow: The best resource for the modern archer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a shooter with twenty years of experience or if you just watched the Hunger Games/Lord of the Rings (feel free to replace with a cultural reference relevant to you) and you’re monumentally pumped and really feel like getting into Archery as a hobby. If you’re thinking archery or bows and arrows, this is the site for you. Here on Take a Bow and Arrow, we want to put together the #1 most useful and entertaining online resource on bows, bowhunting, target shooting, and archery in general. So regardless of whether you’re looking for information on what bow to choose, for individual bow reviews, or for information about archery in general, you’re in exactly the right place.

For those of you who’re more inclined towards traditional style bows, you’re in luck. We’re equally enthusiastic about Recurves as we are about Compounds and we totally understand your urge to hunt or target shoot unassisted. So for folks out there looking for more information on the topic, check out our page on the best recurve bow reviews – it covers a lot of ground and we’re think it’ll be immensely useful if you’re trying to decide what weapon to buy.

We’ve managed to cobble together what we think is the most useful and comprehensive Compound Bow buying guide on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or a veteran shooter, if you’re willing to pay to get the best or if you’re on a shoestring budget – read through our buying guide and we promise come out the other end with a better idea of what compound bow will suit your needs best. For those of you unfamiliar with compound bows, we also give you an overview of the history of the compound bow, tell you what to look for (and what to ignore),and how to best judge a compound bow.

There are also those out there who like the idea of using a bow, but are for whatever reason are unable to or just don’t want to dive into the Archery hobby headfirst. Well, happily for you, God created the crossbow (well, actually the crossbow probably comes from somewhere near China, but we digress). If you want to learn more about crossbows, you should definitely look into our Crossbow buying guide – it’s pretty in depth, and we’re pretty sure it will help you tremendously when it comes time to decide exactly which model you want. Crossbows also have slightly different terminology when compared to ‘regular’ bows – but don’t fret, we’ve included all that information and more in the guide.

Other than all the above, you should also know that we’re constantly adding new stuff to the site in the form of individual reviews, and we also plan to come up with a similar guides for longbows as well as some common bow accessories in the very near future. So if you’re planning to buy a bow, regardless of what type of bow it might be – or really if you’re buying anything archery related at all, be sure to check back here often so you can really get to know which of the countless archery products out there are the best value, best for a specific purpose, or just outright the best in their class.