Bowtech Diamond Infinite Edge

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The Diamond Infinite Edge is in our opinion pretty much the perfect compound bow for beginners. No other bow on the market comes close to offering the flexibility and versatility of the Infinite Edge in terms of draw weight and draw length. In fact, the only thing you need to think about when buying the Infinite Edge is whether you’re right or left handed – other than that, you can more or less adjust the Infinite Edge to fill whatever your needs are. However, you shouldn’t dismiss the Infinite Edge as just an adjustable bow – at the higher draw weights, it’s also a powerful compound bow in its own right that is suitable for experienced hunters and target shooters alike. That’ why we’re such big fans of the Infinite Edge – it’s truly a bow that you can grow with, from being a beginner to being an archery veteran without having to move up to the ‘next model’.

Bow Details

IBO Speed: 310 FPS

Axle-to-axle: 31″

Brace Height: 7″

Draw Weight: 5-70lbs

Draw Length: 13-30″

Bow Weight: 3.1lbs

Cam Type: Dual Cam

Let off: 75%

Our Impressions

The Infinite Edge is versatile enough that it’s suitable for everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, young or old – you’ll be able to adjust the Infinite Edge to suit your individual shooting preferences, and all you need to do so is a small wrench. This applies to both Draw Weight and Draw Length – so whether you’re a young, lanky beginner archer who can’t take too much draw weight, or if you’re a burly dude with shorter than average arms who wants a shorter, heavier draw, you’ll be able to get exactly what you want out of this model.

We also really like how lightweight the Edge is – it makes it a really portable model, which is something everyone can appreciate. The cam grind of the Infinite Edge is pretty forgiving – it’s comfortable shoot and not at all aggressive, which is something much appreciated in a bow that’s likely to be used by many beginners. The valley of the cam is also very wide, which makes for an all around comfortable shooting experience.

The bow is quiet compared to other bows in the same price range, although it may be a bit louder than some of the higher end models on the market. The bow also has no vibration issues – another nice touch which will benefit first timers. Obviously, accessories can also be used to further improve the performance of the Edge in terms of noise/vibration levels.

The bow is good value for money, especially considering the fact that someone could use the Edge literally from the age of 6 or 7 to the age of 20, slowly ramping up the draw weight and increasing the draw length – compare this to the thought of buying 3 or 4 bows (at least) in the same period and you know what a bargain it is. There are only a two things to note about the Edge that we didn’t like as much. Firstly, we felt the grip on the bow could be made to be a tad more comfortable – while it’s nowhere close to being outright uncomfortable, we did feel like there was room for improvement in this area. Secondly, the bow (using the typical IBO specs) fires 310fps – while this is a respectable speed and certainly can’t be considered slow, experienced archers who are used to blazing speeds might find the bow a little less speedy than they like.


  • Downright the most adjustable compound bow on the market
  • Smooth and forgiving cam grind with wide valley
  • Quiet with little to no vibration compared to bows in similar price range
  • Literally a bow that you can grow with, from a child to a fully grown adult
  • Good value
  • Close to a perfect beginners bow


  • At 310fps, may be a tad slow for experienced archers looking for blazing fast performance
  • The grip could be designed better

Final Thoughts

We don’t have much else to add about the Infinite Edge. All we can say is that if you’re a beginner looking to get into archery, or you have a kid who’s interested in picking it up as a hobby, that we strongly recommend that you go out and buy the Infinite Edge without looking back. We pretty much think that it hits a bullseye on every single criteria we might think of for a starter compound bow other than maybe the grip design. Easy to shoot, hugely adjustable, really light weight, and affordable – what more can you ask for in a beginners compound bow?