Compound Bow Reviews

Bowtech Experience

The Bowtech Experience was our favorite compound bow overall for a variety of reasons – but the thing that truly stands out about the Experience is, well the amazing shooting experience you get when using it. In terms of draw cycle, the Experience is probably the most comfortable and forgiving compound bow we’ve come across. If you’re someone who only cares about having the fastest bow possible, then the Experience may not be right for you – but for everyone else, we highly recommend it. To read more about what we liked (and what we didn’t) about the Experience, you can read our full review of the Bowtech Experience here.

Bowtech Diamond Infinite Edge

The Bowtech Diamond Infinite Edge is in our opinion the absolute best compound bow for beginners, mainly because of it’s ridiculous adjustable and versatility. However, just because it’s a beginners bow, don’t just dismiss it out of hand if you’re an archery veteran – the Edge at the higher draw weights is appropriate for hunting and it’s a good bow even if you discount the flexibility it allows. To read more about the pros and cons of the Bowtech Diamond Infinite Edge check out our review here.

PSE Surge

If you’re looking for a compound bow that is really good value for money, look no further. We reckon the Surge is the best value for money compound bow on the market – it replaced the PSE Brute, which was a really good bow in its own right, and the Surge improved on the Brute is almost every category. Basically, if you’re looking for something affordable that still performs at a pretty high level, you’ll want to look into this model. To find out more about the Surge, you should read our in depth review of it here.

Hoyt Charger

While the PSE Surge was our favorite value for money bow, the Hoyt Charger came a close second and is another bow that we think performs really excellent given the price it sells for. Also, the Surge is a tad big which may put off some bowhunters who prefer to minimize the weight of their gear – in this case, the Charger is lighter and performs almost as well as the Surge.  If you’re looking for a really good bow for a great price, and you’ve passed on the Surge, we think you’d probably benefit from reading our detailed review of the Hoyt Charger here.

Genesis Original Bow

The Genesis Original is a really fantastic beginners bow that is especially popular with schools, archery ranges, and other organizations where they need bows that are one-size-fit-all and very affordable. While (unlike the Infinite Edge) it’s not suitable for experienced shooters or for hunting, we highly recommend that those looking to buy beginners bows.In particular, we think it’s a good choice those who plan to make their bows available to multiple users, and if that describes you, we urge you to check out our Genesis Original Review to learn more about some of the strengths and weaknesses of this very respectable budget bow.

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