Crossbow Reviews

Tenpoint Venom

The Tenpoint Venom is in our opinion the best of the best – it was our favorite crossbow among all the models we looked at. The Venom is a compound model that is very versatile and practically flawless. Tenpoint is a brand that consistently puts out top quality crossbows, and the Venom lives up to the reputation of the company in every way. We recommend the Tenpoint to experienced crossbow shooters/hunters who are looking for a real high quality, high performance weapon. The only reason that we don’t recommend the Venom to all of our readers is its price – the Venom doesn’t come cheap, and for this reason it may not be a suitable purchase for those who are new to crossbows. To read more about why we like the Tenpoint Venom so much, check out our full review of it here.

Barnett Jackal

The Barnett Jackal is a good compound crossbow, but when you take into account how affordable it is, it becomes an excellent buy. In terms of performance, the Jackal rivals crossbows that are significantly more expensive, and in its price range we reckon it’s the very best model available. While not perfect, Barnett has done a lot of things right with the Jackal, and we highly recommend it to those of you who’re looking for a really good value crossbow. To learn more about exactly why we think the Barnett Jackal is such great value, read our detailed review of it here.

Stryker Solution

The Stryker Solution is a compound crossbow model that we liked a lot – in fact, were it not for the unsurpassed excellence of the Tenpoint Venom, it may well have been our favorite overall. As it is, we decided that the Solution was our favorite hunting crossbow as many aspects of the model make it especially suitable for hunting. The Solution actually comes in two models, the standard and the LS – the LS model has higher draw weight and higher FPS and is a great choice for those of you out there who prioritize speed. We prefer the standard model – it already shoots very fast, and in our opinion the lower draw weight improves the ease of use significantly. Regardless of whichever Stryker Solution model you like better, we think both options are excellent choices for a crossbow. To read more about why we liked the Stryker Solution so much, check out our comprehensive review of it here.

Excalibur Axiom SMF

The Axiom SMF is a recurve crossbow, and for a variety of reasons it was our favorite recurve crossbow overall. While recurves necessarily shoot slower than their compound counterparts, the Axiom SMF performs strongly in pretty much every other way, and in addition it also has all the benefits that come with being a recurve – namely lower maintenance and lighter weight. To find out more about the Excalibur Axiom SMF, read our in depth review of it here.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury II

Despite the complicated name, the Fury II is actually one of the simpler crossbow models available. It’s a recurve crossbow, so the mechanisms that drive it are relatively straight forward, and it’s also pretty compact and very lightweight. We liked the Inferno Fury II as a good, affordable option for a beginner/inexperienced shooter – it shoots relatively slow, so it may not satisfy experienced crossbow users, and in particular those of you who hunt with your crossbows should probably opt for a different model as the Fury II does not shoot fast enough to hunt medium-large game. Still, we liked the Fury II for what it was – an affordable, beginner friendly recurve crossbow option. To learn more about the Fury II, you can read our full review of it here.

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