Genesis Original Review

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The Genesis Original is a super-budget compound bow that probably won’t satisfy seasoned shooters, but is perfectly appropriate for beginners and youths who are interested in taking up archery. The great thing about the Genesis Original is that it’s suitable for virtually everyone – easily adjustable in draw length, the Genesis is great if you want a bow that grow along with a child or if you want to share a bow among multiple people.

Bow Details

IBO Speed: 325 FPS

Axle-to-axle: 36″

Brace Height: 7.5″

Draw Weight: 10-20lbs

Draw Length: 15-30″

Bow Weight: 2lbs

Cam Type: Single Cam

Let off: 0%

Our Impressions

The Genesis Original is a great learning tool – it’s very adjustable in terms of draw length, and can be adjusted to fit different people. In fact, it’s so good as a youth beginner’s bow that it’s the official bow of the National Archery in Schools program. It’s also particularly good for using as a bow for student’s or on archery ranges for first timers because it’s so easy to adjust and can be made to fit pretty much anyone. This also makes it ideal for a family who wants to take up archery as a group – if you want to share a bow among Mom, Dad, and the kids, you can literally make do with a single Genesis Original.

On the other hand, don’t mistake the Original for anything other than a beginners bow – experienced shooters will not be satisfied with it (draw weight maxes out at 20lb) and it is 100% should definitely never be used for hunting – the Genesis Original is appropriate for target shooting only. It’s for this reason that we liked the Diamond Infinite Edge above the Original – while the Original is only suitable for beginners, the Edge can grow with the shooter not only in size, but also in skill level – the Edge works well as a bow for both beginners and veterans, and it can also be used to hunt provided you’re using the higher (60lbs+) draw weights. The Original lacks this flexibility, which is why it wasn’t picked as our favorite beginners bow overall.

On the other hand, the Genesis Original is significantly cheaper than the Infinite Edge – so if you’re on a very tight budget and your kid wants to get into archery (but you’re not sure he’ll stick with it), it may be a good idea to pick up a Genesis Original first, and if the hobby sticks then perhaps consider buying a more advanced bow at a later stage.

Due to the light draw weight of the Original, it comes with no let off (which makes sense). There’s not much to talk about in terms of cam grind and the rest of it – because the draw weight is so light, the draw cycle should be pretty easy for most people. Also, we can’t provide an IBO Speed for the Original because obviously it can’t be adjusted to the 70lbs draw weight standard – safe to say, it doesn’t shoot that fast, and frankly we think that’s a good thing considering the fact that it’s specifically targeting first timers and inexperienced youth archers.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Can be shared among a family or used as communal bow at schools/organizations
  • Really excellent for beginners, particularly young people
  • A good entry point into the archery hobby
  • Easy to shoot


  • Definitely not appropriate for hunting
  • Less adjustability in terms of draw weight than some other good beginners bows
  • Not suitable at all for archers with more experience

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend the Genesis Original to anyone who needs to share bows among multiple people – schools, summer camps, archery ranges and other organizations will find the Genesis a perfect way to introduce archery to masses of young people without having to have them each buy their own bow. Also recommended to families who want to share a bow among family members, and for folks who are on a really tight budget but want an entry point into the hobby. On the other hand, unlike the Infinite Edge, the Original is not at all suitable for experienced archers and should under no circumstances be used for hunting.