Hoyt Charger Review

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(The Hoyt Charger should be available at your local Pro Shop – if you don’t have one nearby, we recommend the PSE Surge as a great alternative)

While the Hoyt Charger isn’t our absolute favorite among the more affordable compound bows (that honor goes to the PSE Surge), it is definitely one our favorite bows in that price range. The Charger is dependable, shoots pretty fast, and is really well-regarded in the archery community. It generally just performs really nicely, and while we liked the Surge a little better, the Charger put up a good fight – in particular, the Charger is pretty compact and lightweight, so if you found the Surge too large for your preferences, then it’s likely the Hoyt Charger is the ideal for you.

Bow Details

IBO Speed: 325 FPS

Axle-to-axle: 31″

Brace Height: 6.75″

Draw Weight: 30-70lbs

Draw Length: 24-30″

Bow Weight: 3.8lbs

Cam Type: Hybrid Cam

Let off: 75%

Our Impressions

The Hoyt Charger is a real nice bow for the price. The bow grips nicely and has good ergonomics, and it will prove especially comfortable for archers of smaller stature. It performs very well in terms of noise and vibration – we experienced only a little bit of both these issues, especially when we compared the Charger to some other bows around the same price range.

The Charger is equally comfortable to shoot – the draw cycle is forgiving and the draw is smooth without any hiccups, and the valley on the cam is also reasonably wide and forgiving. The one thing that we would note about the Charger in terms of the draw cycle is that the wall on the bow is not as firm as we typically like, but this is far from a major issue.

This model also shoots pretty accurate, and for a bow that won’t break the bank, it gets a very admirable IBO speed of 325fps. The one thing that we really like about the Charger is its size – it’s lightweight and really quite compact for a compound bow – which makes it ideal for hunters who typically are carrying their bow around for many hours at a time. While a smaller bow inevitably results in slightly less stability/heft, if you’re looking for a compact bow then the Charger is a great choice.


  • Really good value for money
  • Forgiving and smooth draw cycle
  • Pretty speedy for such an affordable compound bow
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for hunting
  • Shoots quite accurately


  • Small size means it gives up a certain amount of stability and heft
  • Back wall on the draw cycle could be a bit firmer
  • While it’s not loud, it definitely makes some noise

Final Thoughts

The Hoyt Charger is very well regarded in the community, and it’s clear why this is the case. It’s just a strong performer in pretty much all categories with only some very minor flaws. It’s also very affordable and really good value for money. While our ‘best value for money’ compound bow choice was the PSE Surge, if you don’t like the size of the Surge and prefer something smaller, the Hoyt Charger is significantly smaller and lighter, and Charger’s performance was all-around excellent. If you’re looking for a small compound bow that performs well and is an excellent bargain, go with the Hoyt Charger – we don’t think you’ll regret it.