Martin Jaguar Review

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The Martin Jaguar is tremendous value for money – in fact, it even managed to equal the Samick Sage (which is a bow we’re crazy about) in terms of being good value, at least in our minds. The Jaguar is a takedown recurve is just a really solid bow that is available at a really fantastic price – there’s not much else to it. In terms of absolute performance, it’s not the best, but for the price, other than the aforementioned Sage, it’s more or less unrivaled.

Bow Details

Bow Length: 60″

Draw Weight: 30-5lbs

Handedness: Right Handed Only

Bow Weight: 2.7lbs

Takedown: Yes

Our Impressions

The Jaguar is a really good bow. It’s unreasonable that a bow this good is this affordable. And yet it is. The Jaguar doesn’t shine in any one category, but it’s performs well in general, and while the Sage would be better for beginners, if you’re an experienced shooter on a budget, and you’re looking for a splendid recurve, you should go with the Jaguar.

Martin is well known for consistently putting out really quality bows, and the Jaguar is no exception. It shoots accurately, and while it’s not the most powerful recurve we’ve ever seen, it definitely still packs quite a punch. In terms of accuracy, we found the Jaguar performed nearly as well as many models that are twice (or more) as expensive, which is really something.

We felt only a bit of hand shock on the shot, and it was decently quiet. The Jaguar is also real comfortable – it’s a similar grip to that of our favorite (Martin Saber), and it feels very comfortable both in the hand and when making a shot. The materials also feel reasonable durable. Another thing that we really liked about the Jaguar was how lightweight it is – at only 2.7lb, it’s lighter than the average recurve on top of already being a takedown – which means it’s super portable and easy to carry in the field

The one thing we’d note about the Jaguar is the arrow rest – the rest is plastic, and we generally find that plastic anything on a bow tends to wear out reasonably quickly. Good thing is that it’s pretty easy to replace – if you do get the Jaguar, we’d probably recommend you be prepared to buy a new arrow rest as the one that comes with the Jaguar may not last you that long.


  • Probably the best value for money option
  • Excellent accuracy for the price
  • Lightweight and takedown function makes it super portable
  • Comfortable ergonomics and excellent grip
  • Decent both in terms of noise and vibration levels for the price range


  • Plastic arrow rest is easily worn out and will need replacement relatively quickly
  • Only available to right handers

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a really good value for money bow, or you’re on a tight budget, we highly recommend the Jaguar. There is only one other bow that is as good in terms of value – the Samick Sage – and we’d basically recommend those of you who are of above average height and hand size go with the larger Sage, and those of you average or below go with the Jaguar. Experienced folks should lean Jaguar, and beginners should lean Sage. In general, the Jaguar is so affordable and performs so well overall that we find it unlikely you’ll be unhappy with it regardless of what your specific needs are – it’s just that good a bargain.