Martin Saber Review

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If you don’t take anything else away from this review, you should know this – we’re enamored with the Martin Saber. We think, all things considered, it’s the best recurve bow model on the market. If you want to pick an awesome all-purpose bow, we doubt you’ll be disappointed with the Saber. If you want more info about why we like the Saber so much, then you should read on.

Bow Details

Bow Length: 64″

Draw Weight: 30-55lbs

Handedness: Right Handed only

Bow Weight: 3.4lbs

Takedown: Yes

Our Impressions

The Martin Saber takedown recurve is quite simply and excellent bow all-around. It performs well on pretty much every category that we would consider, and it doesn’t really have any weaknesses of note. There’s really a lot to like about the Saber – the materials are high quality, it’s durable and lightweight, quiet and doesn’t vibrate too much – essentially, it’s a superb performer all-around, and what’s more, it’s very affordable.

We like that the Saber is a takedown – in general, we prefer takedown recurves to bows that can’t be disassembled – this is purely for convenience. A bow isn’t the most portability thing you can own, and having the ability to take it apart and put it back together again with minimal trouble is a really nice option, particularly if you’re traveling with the bow. Having a takedown bow is also advantageous because you can replace individual parts if something breaks or malfunctions – with a one-piece bow, if it’s broken, a lot of the times the only option is to replace the whole thing.

The ergonomics of the Saber are great – the grip is really comfortable. One thing that we particularly like about the Saber is how accurate it shoots – because its a little larger than the average recurve, the Saber is more stable on the release which helps a lot with accuracy. The draw is also smooth and natural, and it’s really quiet with minimal vibration on the shot. In addition, we also applaud Martin for not skimping on the quality of the material used in the Saber – this allows for excellent durability, consistency and reliability. The Saber is also pretty affordable, which was surprising to us for a bow of such quality. It’s also pretty powerful at the higher draw weights and is suitable for hunting.

The only weakness we can think of is the fact that the bow is a little larger than the average recurve – as we mentioned, this helps with stability, but in turn it means the Saber may be a tad large for those of smaller stature. Also, unfortunately for the left handers out there, the Saber only comes in as a right-handed bow.


  • Great ergonomics
  • Smooth and natural draw
  • Larger bow helps with stability and accuracy
  • Takedown bows allow for greater portability
  • Little noise and minimal vibration
  • Higher draw weights are suitable for hunters


  • Larger than average – may be a little unwieldy for shorter/smaller archers
  • A tiny bit heavier than the average recurve
  • Not available as a left-handed bow

Final Thoughts

We really have nothing bad to say about the Saber – even our list of cons was a bit of a reach. Simply put, if we take into account quality, durability, accuracy and value for money, we reckon the Saber is the best recurve bow on the market, and we highly recommend it. Those who plan to use their bows for specialized purposes may want to look at bows that are specifically designed around their needs, but for the typical archer looking for a traditional recurve, you can’t really go wrong with the Saber.