PSE Surge Review

PSE Surge Compound Bow

PSE Surge Compound Bow

Value For Money


Handling/Draw Cycle









  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Really smooth draw cycle
  • Shoots pretty accurately
  • Reasonably fast for such an affordable bow
  • Little to no hand shock/vibration


  • A bit larger than we prefer
  • A tad heavier than we’d like, particularly for hunters who may carry a lot of gear
  • While it’s not loud, a noise is audible upon release

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If you don’t bother to read the rest of the review, this is the one thing that you need to know: The PSE Surge is a great compound bow at a fantastic price, and we think it’s the best value for money compound bow on the market at this time. For those of you with slightly longer attention spans, we like the Surge for it’s smooth draw cycle, good ergonomics, respectable IBO speed and flexible draw length/draw weight. The PSE Brute was one of the best budget bows a few years ago, and the Surge pretty much improves on every aspect of that older, very popular model.

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Bow Details

IBO Speed: 320 FPS

Axle-to-axle: 32.5″

Brace Height: 7.25″

Draw Weight: 30-70lbs

Draw Length: 19.5-30″

Bow Weight: 4.3lbs

Cam Type: Single Cam

Let off: 75%

Our Impressions

The PSE Surge is an all-around strong performer at a great price. First off – this thing shoots decently fast. It’s not lightning speed and definitely not the fastest compound bow available, but for the price we’d consider it pretty fast. One thing we really liked about the Surge was how natural and smooth the draw cycle was – like putting a hot knife through butter, and if you’re used to using another similarly priced 70lbs draw weight bow, you’ll feel like the draw cycle on the Surge is pretty effortless in comparison.

Check out what one reviewer had to say about the PSE Surge:

Are there bows that shoot faster or are a little lighter or quieter? Sure, but the PSE Surge costs hundreds, not thousands.


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For an affordable bow, the Surge had virtually no vibration, which we really liked. It does make a little noise, but we don’t think that it’s loud enough to really be an issue. The Surge also shoots really accurate – it’s one of those bows that has an almost mystical ability to put the arrows where you want them. We find that in general there are bows that you need compensate for, and there are bows that compensate for you, and the Surge is definitely in the latter category.

There are a couple of minor sticking points that we have with the Surge. The obvious one would be weight – the Surge is a bit heavier than we like, especially for use as a hunting bow. It’s not as if it’s outright heavy, and 4.3lbs is still pretty manageable on its own, but the hunters out there will know that when you’re out in the wild you often have a whole bunch of equipment with you, so every pound added (or removed) counts. The Surge is also a little larger than we’d prefer – again, this affects the portability, and while it’s nowhere near a deal-breaker for us (we love the Surge), those of you who emphasize portability should take the size and weight of the Surge into account.

The value for money aspect of the Surge is where it leaves all the other compound bows in the dust. On it’s own, if we ignored price completely, the Surge would be a good, perhaps even a great bow, but definitely not particularly exceptional. However, once you factor in price, the Surge blows everyone else out of the water – this thing is such an all-around strong performer that if we were forced to guess it’s price we’d probably think it was selling for twice the price.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve got nothing more to say really – the Surge is definitely the best value for money bow on the market, and if you’re looking for a great deal on a compound bow, go pick it up right now. In particular we recommend the Surge to those of you who are willing to forgo a few fps for a vastly more comfortable/smooth draw cycle and for greater accuracy. If your first priority is portability, then maybe the Surge isn’t right for you, but other than that we think that the Surge performs as good as bows twice its price, and we recommend it whole-heatedly to anybody who wants a great compound bow but who’s on a budget.