Recurve Bow Reviews

Martin Saber

The Martin Saber was our favorite recurve bow overall, thanks to its excellent all-around performance and affordable price point. It doesn’t really have any weaknesses of note – except perhaps for the fact that it’s only available for right handers. The Saber is a takedown recurve, that comes in various draw weights, and it’s really just a stellar recurve bow any way you look at it – that’s why we were such big fans of it, and why it was our favorite recurve among all the models we looked at. To read more about why we like the Martin Saber Takedown Recurve so much, read the full review here.

Bear Super Kodiak

The Super Kodiak is the successor of the classic, very popular Bear Kodiak. It is specifically designed with the bowhunter in mind and its clear this is the case, both from an aesthetic and functional stand point. The Super Kodiak attempts to adhere to tradition, forgoing the more modern takedown approach in favor of being a one-piece bow. Even though we have stated our preference for takedown recurves, despite the fact that it’s a one-piece bow we still liked the Super Kodiak enough to call it our top recurve for hunting. To find out what we liked and didn’t like about the Super Kodiak, click here to read our in depth review.

Hoyt Buffalo

The Hoyt Buffalo was our favorite takedown recurve bow, and came pretty close to being our favorite overall – if it weren’t for the fact that the Buffalo is quite high-end price wise compared to the Saber (which is much more affordable), it may well have taken the top honor. While the Buffalo isn’t flawless, it performs very well at the main functions that a bow should have – it shoots tremendously well, accurately and powerfully, so the small flaws it does have were easy to overlook. To read more about what we thought of the Hoyt Buffalo, you can read our detailed individual review of it here.

Samick Sage

The Samick Sage is in our opinion, the very best recurve bow for beginners. Appropriate for both target shooting and hunting, the Sage is flexible enough that it could be used by a beginner on day 1, but still be used by the same person even after he/she has had 10 years of experiencing shooting a recurve. Samick made sure to not only make a takedown, but make it easy to assemble, extremely affordable, and easy to find replacement/upgraded parts for – all things that should be highly valued in a beginners bow. To read more of what we thought about the Samick Sage, feel free to check out our full review of it here.

Martin Jaguar

The Martin Jaguar is a good, solid bow, and when you take into account the price, it becomes a tremendous product because it’s such great value for money. With all-around strong performance, the Jaguar was our pick for best recurve bow for the money, and was really only challenged by the equally affordable and equally great Samick Sage. While it’s not outright the best bow (and doesn’t really try to be), the Jaguar is the bow to buy if you’re looking for a bargain. To read more about what makes the Martin Jaguar Takedown such a good deal, read our comprehensive full review of it here.

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