Stryker Solution Review

Stryker Solution

Stryker Solution

Value For Money


Ease of Draw/Load









  • Extremely fast for 125lbs draw weight
  • Quite compact
  • Quietest of all the crossbows we tried
  • Better value than many high end models
  • Combination of size, power, and low draw weight make it a fantastic hunting crossbow


  • Good, but not great value for money
  • Seasoned crossbow users may prefer heavier draw weights and even better speeds
  • Comes with a mediocre scope
  • Trigger could be a touch firmer

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The Stryker Solution was one of our favorite crossbows overall, and if it weren’t for the spectacular performance of the Tenpoint Venom, the Solution would have been in the running as our top rated crossbow. The Solution is also particularly suitable for hunting – we found it to have all the necessary qualities of a great crossbow for hunting, which is why it got the nod as the best hunting crossbow in our crossbow guide. The Solution is also significantly less expensive than the Tenpoint Venom – this makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a top notch crossbow but the Venom is outside your budget. There is also the Stryker Solution LS, which has similar specs to the Regular Solution, but comes with higher draw weight and even faster FPS.

Bow Details

Speed: 350 FPS (LS 390 FPS)

Crossbow Length: 35″

Draw Weight: 125lbs (LS 155lbs)

Axle-to-Axle: 29.19

Power Stroke: 15.5″

Crossbow Weight: 6.9lbs

Type: Compound Crossbow

Cocking Mechanism: Rope Cocker

Our Impressions

The Stryker Solution is a crossbow that we like a great deal – in particular we’re shocked by the speed that the Solution can fire at given the 125lbs draw weight which is lower than some other crossbows. The Solution LS comes with a higher draw weight – 155 lbs – and shoots at a blazing 390 FPS, which frankly we feel is unnecessarily speedy. In any case, the standard Solution model is plenty fast at 350FPS, and with just 125 lbs draw weight, the Solution makes for a great hunting crossbow as its easier to cock than many crossbows out there, but fires fast enough to hunt with. In fact, it’s faster than many of the models on the market.

We got pretty good accuracy out of the Stryker Solution – we didn’t find it difficult to get pretty decent groupings on the target and overall we were pleased with the results we got.

The Solution is also reasonably compact and is lighter than average for a crossbow – these are both excellent qualities for a hunting crossbow than you may have to carry around with you for extended periods. The ergonomics on the Solution are great – the bow shoulders comfortably and is well balanced and easy to aim.

One thing we particularly like about the Solution (and one of the things it does better than the Venom) is that the Solution fires really quietly. In fact, of the many crossbows we’ve come across that are hunting appropriate, the Solution probably shot the quietest of all of them. Hunters will know that this is an added advantage – a quiet weapon means less chance of startling the surrounding animals, which means more potential target later on.

The solution comes with a serviceable rope cocker and a reasonable scope. Neither of these are great, but they get the job done. We would have preferred a scope that has the option of illumniating (red dot style), but it’s definitely not a deal breaker. Serious hunters may want to replace the sight that comes with the Solution somewhere down the line. Naturally, the Solution, like most other crossbows nowadays, has a dry fire prevention mechanism. If you get the regular solution with 125lbs draw weight, depending on how burly you are, you may not need a cocking aid at all. Still, we recommend you use a rope cocker, and the majority of people will need one of they get the Solution LS. The trigger is less firm than we prefer, although this is purely personal preference.

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Check the Best Price for the Stryker Solution on Amazon

Final Thoughts

The Solution is a really good crossbow all around, and it’s not as expensive as some of the top models available. The combination of quiet shooting, excellent power, lower draw weight, and below average size makes it an ideal hunting crossbow. We highly recommend the Solution, particularly if you’re looking for a top quality crossbow but the Tenpoint Venom is outside of your budget. For those of you who value speed very highly, the Solution LS model shoots a blazing 390FPS with 155 draw weight – while we haven’t tested it, we imagine it functions similarly to the Solution as it has identical specs outside of FPS and draw weight. Either way, we’re pretty sure that if you end up with one of the models of Stryker Solution, you’ll be happy with your purchase – especially if you’re a hunter. It’s just an excellent crossbow all around.