Tenpoint Venom Review

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If we were to describe the Tenpoint Venom using a sports analogy, we’d say it was a home run, a half court shot at the buzzer, a game winning touchdown. It’s that good. We liked it so very much that it was our choice for best overall crossbow, and managed to win that designation pretty handily. The combination of portability, speed, and accuracy makes the Venom just an outstanding crossbow that we feel is unmatched right now.

Bow Details

Speed: 372 FPS

Crossbow Length: 34.6″

Draw Weight: 185lbs

Axle-to-Axle: 17.6″

Power Stroke: 13.5″

Crossbow Weight: 6.5lbs

Type: Compound Crossbow

Cocking Mechanism: AcuDraw 50 (Rope) or AcuDraw (Crank)

Our Impressions

The first thing that stands out to us about the Venom is it’s incredibly lightweight and compact. We can’t think of another crossbow model out there that is this portability while also being fast and accurate enough to please experienced crossbow hunters/shooters. The lightness and compactness of the Venom makes it a real breeze to go hunting with – it’s light enough that it doesn’t feel like a burden at all.

We also found that the Venom shoots really accurate – we had no issues putting bolts into pretty tight groups at reasonable distances. In fact, we’ve heard some people who bought the Venom managed pretty tight groups without even adjusting the sight – it came out of the box zeroed in properly. Obviously, not ever buyer will have this experience, but it does show a level of dedication to pleasing the customer that we’re used to seeing from Tenpoint. The sight that comes with the Venom is just fantastic – it’s a top of the line scope in its own right, and comes with a lot of flexibility in terms of distances, and you can even choose to use it as a red (or green) dotted sight or just use the non electronic mode.

Obviously the Venom also shoots at pretty blazing speeds – because crossbows lack an official speed measurement methodology (there’s no equivalent of the IBO speeds that you find with compound bows that applies to crowssbows), companies that produce crossbows often promote their crossbows with unrealistic speeds. We find it unlikely that you’ll consistently be shooting at 372 FPS, but 350+ speeds are definitely doable on a pretty consistent basis, and that’s plenty of speed for any kind of shooting or hunting.

The Venom was a pleasure to hold and shoot – ergonomically, it’s excellent. Because of how light it is, it’s not difficult at all to carry and aim, and the weight is evenly distributed along the crossbow rather than heavy at the front or back. Shouldering the Venom also feels easy and natural. The Venom also has an anti dry-fire mechanism which is a nice feature considering how dangerous dry firing can be. The 185lbs draw weight may seem heavy, but the Venom comes with either the AcuDraw 50 (Rope cocker) or AcuDraw (crank mechanism). A fully grown, reasonably fit man should be able to handle the AcuDraw 50, but for most people we’d recommend the crank style mechanism because pretty much anybody can load the Venom with the AcuDraw.

There are only two real issues that a buyer might have with the Venom. The first is the trigger – it’s not bad per se, but in general we’ve found that the Tenpoint triggers are just average, and the Venom trigger is similarly just average – on another crossbow, we may not even have noticed, but because the Venom does pretty much everything else near perfectly, we singled out the trigger as not being up to the same quality as the rest of the crossbow. The other ‘issue’ is the price – the Venom is in our opinion basically the best crossbow out there, and to get the best you have to be willing to pay for it. The Venom sells for about $1700 with the AcuDraw, and is $100 cheaper if you choose the model with the AcuDraw 50.


  • Really Compact
  • Very Lightweight
  • Highly accurate
  • Shoots with tremendous speed
  • Ergonomics are great
  • Really High Quality Sight


  • Relatively pricey
  • Trigger is just average

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best possible crossbow for hunting or target shooting and you have the budget to be able to afford it, go out and get the Tenpoint Venom and don’t look back. It’s an incredibly good bow, and we were actually pretty surprised that something as compact and lightweight as the Venom could be produced with no compromises on speed or accuracy. It’s a real delight to shoot, and we think it would prove an excellent purchase for someone who’s experienced with a crossbow and is looking for the very best. We’d say that beginners should stay away from the Venom purely because it’s definitely on the high-end in terms of pricing – but for someone who has the budget for it and is looking for a top notch crossbow model, the Tenpoint Venom is exactly what you’re looking for.