About Us

Welcome to Take a Bow and Arrow. Our aim for this site is to become the number 1 online for resource for all things archery related – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a target shooter or a hunter, or whether you’re looking for equipment advice or just interesting stuff to read – our aim is to be an entertaining, comprehensive online destination for everything archery.

In particular, we want to help you cut through all of the BS that goes along with purchasing archery gear – experienced shooters out there will know what we’re talking about when we say that there are a lot of buzzwords and fancy language that go along with buying any piece of archery equipment. We hope to help beginners and veterans alike to better understand exactly how to distinguish the best bows and other archery accessories and gear from the average stuff.

We also hope to provide those in the archery community with just downright interesting and entertaining content – whether it’s tips on technique, archery trivia, or really just anything that we think might be useful or fun to read for those in the community. We know there’s a dearth of good quality bow shooting content out there, and we’ll try our best to fill that gap.

So, regardless of whether you’re a twenty year bowhunter or you’ve never shot a bow in your life – if you’re on this site, clearly you’re intrigued about archery as a hobby. If this is the case, we encourage you sit back, relax, and, well… Take a Bow and Arrow.